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Around 5 million people, in 2 million properties, live in flood risk areas in England and Wales. The environment Agency has an important role in warning people about the risk of flooding, and in reducing the likelihood of flooding from rivers and the sea.

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Wherever there is danger from rising water backing up into property through the drainage system the valve will close off the backflow automatically to prevent flood damage. In a combined sewer system we recommend that rainwater run off is treated separately until the flooding subsides. Forge valves have now been used to protect many basement flats and low lying properties previously affected by foul and combined sewers unable to cope with abnormal weather conditions.

 They have taken two years to bring this product to market and consider it is most competitively priced unit in the market place and offers a cost effective solution to flood protection. The units are made of plastic, have rubber seals and are pre-fitted to doors, airbricks and windows. No longer do people at risk have to depend on sandbags as their only form of protection. The units are pre-fitted, can then be stored in a garage or shed and only called upon at times when a flood warning is issued. Once a flood warning is given the owner takes the units out of the garage or shed and quickly fits it to doors and airbricks in a matter of minutes.

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