Home & Business Owner Services

Full Design Service

Whatever the scope or size of your construction project, our designers will prepare full working drawings and comprehensive specifications to your requirements at far less cost than you would expect to pay for traditional design services

Planning Applications

If you are unsure, check whether or not your project needs planning permission via our online advice service; and if it does we can prepare all necessary documentation AND submit it to the relevant authorities on your behalf.

Construction Regulations/Certificate of Lawful Building

Even if your project does not appear to need permission it is sometimes wise to obtain a Certificate of Lawful Building from your planning department. Why not check with us via the online advice service? If you require either a Construction Regulations or a Lawful Building Certificate for your scheme we can prepare and submit all the necessary documentation to the relevant authorities on your behalf

Structural Design & Calculations

If your construction work needs structural calculations, foundation designs, or retaining/supporting walls designed our Civil and Structural Engineers will carry out all relevant designs and calculations at highly competitive rates normally by return of post. This service is especially relevant if you are contemplating a loft conversion or installing a large bath or Jacuzzi upstairs.

Quotations for your project/Project Tenders

We contact at least three contractors from our list of approved tradesmen (if you wish we can also include contractors of your choosing) and invite them to tender for your job. We evaluate each response, seek any necessary clarifications and prove a written report of our findings and recommendations.

Project Management

Our Project Managers know how to make construction jobs run smoothly to avoid disputes, overruns and conflicts of interest. This service almost invariably saves far more money than the cost of the service itself and also gives you the piece of mind that YOUR project is in safe hands

Contract Advice & Preparation

The contract is the entire basis of your relationship with the contractor, it is vital that you get it right upfront to avoid misunderstandings and possible conflicts at later stages. We can advise you on the best form to use and prepare a contract for you for a set fee of £950 or negotiate the contract on your behalf directly with the contractors.

Construction Inspections

This excellent service is available to ALL home owners, irrespective of whether or not Construction Advice have been involved in your construction project. Our experienced inspectors will carry out an onsite inspection of the quality and workmanship of any section of the construction work you are having done and also ensure that it conforms to specifications. You can have a one-off inspection at any stage for any reason or we can arrange a series of visits at predetermined points throughout the project. After each visit you will receive a written report of the inspectors findings and recommendations together with photographs if relevant. Call for a quote.

Litigation/Arbitration Service

If things have gone wrong on your project and you are in dispute with the contractor, we can provide expert opinion on the problem. We can arbitrate on your behalf with the contractor to find an equitable solution or if all else fails support your case as 'Expert Witnesses' in any proceedings.

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